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Some of Our Leading Solutions

Desktop Support

For any company to not have use of their computers or to have constant problems with their computers, can cause a massive loss in productivity.
DTML provides a range of support options, including remote support, maintenance and on-site support. In turn, this provides you and your company with a personal solution to keep your hardware and software running at its full potential.

Hardware and Software

Over the years, the DTML team has secured long-term relationships with the suppliers of leading computer and server manufacturing brands. We pride ourselves in having the right support from the right suppliers at the right price.
From big to small we have it all.

Windows and Linux Server

With our cross-dimensional expertise, we provide our clients with the best solution for their ongoing success.
Whether you are a Bill Gates fan or a Unix junky, we have the expertise to set, maintain and tweak any existing or new requirements that you may have.


As with most things in life, bigger is not always better. However, when it comes to cloud computing and storage solutions, the bigger the better.
DTML provides cloud services specifically on a Linux based environment. Giving clients the service, redundancy, scalability and products associated with the cloud boom.


E-mail is one of the life lines of the business environment. Gone are the days where you would wait for a fax or a letter as the digital age warrants us to be available 24 hours a day. Thus, e-mail is expected to be retrieved immediately on one’s ipad, pc, laptop and cell phone in order to be efficient and effective.
We have researched for years for the right solution and after trying many products, we have come to the consensus that our cloud based exchange alternative is the best.


What would the world be without bandwidth? About four months ago, everyone was talking about Uncapped. Today, it is all about getting quality at the best price.
DTML has partnered with one of the leading backbone providers in the country in order to provide you with the best quality at the best price. Included in this, is that we provide our clients with free top-ups for the first month. For more information on our current deals, please visit www.dtml.co.za

Custom Projects and Installations

The saying “one size fits all” does not apply to DTML Technologies. We understand that every client is unique and thus they have different needs, different objectives and different means of getting to where they want to be.
We provide custom solutions to all clients, according to the client’s needs and visions.
Tel: 011 568 1226
Fax: 086 403 5668
Email: info@dtmltechnologies.co.za
11 Cosmos Dr, Morningside Manor, Johannesburg, South Africa
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